Alfa Romeo warranties

Buying your next new Alfa Romeo from Wessex Alfa Romeo brings the additional benefit of a 36-month warranty valid from the day of registration. As an authorised distributor, our 12-month Dealer warranty becomes valid once the 24-month pan-European manufacturer guarantee expires. With no mileage limit, you will be covered right up to the very last day.

This cover takes care of the cost of fixing any manufacturing defects, using original or reconditioned parts, as well as labour and consumables. For the length of the warranty, you’ll also enjoy roadside assistance cover.

Paintwork Warranty

Your car’s Paintwork Warranty guarantees against manufacturing defects with the paintwork for 36 months from the day of registration. This includes the cost of partially or completely repainting the vehicle to remove any irregularities.

Anti-Perforating Warranty

The eight-year Anti-Perforating Warranty covers the structural elements of your new Alfa Romeo. This handles the cost of repairing perforations as a result of rust that began on the inside of the car.

Warranty servicing

The manufacturer has designed a servicing schedule for each of its models to make sure the necessary operating conditions are met. Regular maintenance preserves the quality and efficiency of its cars, while also meeting the conditions of the service plan. To do so, it is important to optimise your car’s performance and fuel consumption. You should also take care to respect any laws or regulations relating to emissions and pollution, so your Alfa Romeo is in a fit state to pass any inspection required by law.

Mopar® recommends various services and checks depending on your car’s mileage. Please see your maintenance manual for details. If you have lost the owner handbook or warranty manual you can view an electronic copy online by clicking here.

If you require any more guidance on Alfa Romeo warranties and what is covered, contact our team in Bristol on the phone or by enquiring online.