Tyre and alloy wheel protection from Wessex Garages

Wessex Garages Tyre Insurance

Having to replace tyres unexpectedly can really put your monthly budget out of kilter, and there’s little you can do to prevent it from happening. It’s very easy to pick up a nail or screw from the road that causes a slow puncture, while thumping into potholes or pinching the tyre’s wall against a kerb can cause an immediate failure. Replacing all four tyres at once – say, if your tyres are slashed by vandals – costs an eye-watering £650 on average. Now we offer an insurance policy to cover the cost.

Our Tyre Insurance provides cover for up to five replacement tyres, and unlimited tyre repairs, over three years. Depending on the policy you take out, you can claim up to £450 towards the cost of each replacement tyre. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve picked up a puncture, damaged a tyre accidentally or someone has damaged your tyres maliciously, you’ll be covered. It’s available whether you’re buying a new or used car, as long as there is at least 4mm of tread depth on your tyres when you buy it.

Wessex Garages Alloy Wheel Insurance

Unblemished alloys are the finishing touch on a vehicle, adding extra value and appeal. Scuffed alloys can really take the shine off the look of your car, and can also affect the second hand value when it’s time to trade-in. Our Alloy Wheel Protection is available for both new and used cars, and provides up to £150 towards the repair or replacement of a scuffed or damaged alloy wheel. You can claim as many as 10 repairs over the course of your three-year policy, and it’s a great way to ensure your car stays in showroom condition.

Tyre & Alloy Wheel Protection - what it is and how it can benefit you

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