New Mazda6 business offers at Wessex Garages

For a smart, sophisticated car, choose the Mazda6. This elegant saloon offers a smooth and comfortable drive, with a long list of hi-tech equipment. It’s as professional choice with stylish looks, and there’s the option of a Tourer estate model providing extra practicality with more room in the boot.

Low CO2 emissions of as little as 107g/km make it a cost-effective option for businesses. It’s also enjoyable and reliable to drive, whether you are cruising along the motorway, crossing the city or travelling down country lanes.

Every Mazda6 boasts a touch-screen in the top of the dashboard, making it easy for you to access your phone and make calls via the Bluetooth® connectivity. Lots of safety equipment, such as traction control and dynamic stability control, help to keep your team safe while on the road.

We recommend this great car for lots of businesses, and a range of deals from Mazda makes it even more attractive. Exclusive rates on Contract Hire plans allow you to lease the car for far less than you might have expected. By leasing the cars, you won’t have to worry about value deprecation too.

View the current offers on this page, and contact us to make an appointment with our business team and to find out more about a deal.

Mazda6 Side Exterior