Hyundai i20
New Hyundai i20 For Motability Introducing the New Hyundai i20 For Motability

New Hyundai i20 Motability

If you qualify for the Motability Scheme at Wessex Garages you could choose one of our select vehicles, including the new Hyundai i20, at a special rate. And, if your condition means adaptations need to be made, our technicians will do their best to make the car as convenient for you as possible.

A beautifully proportioned, spacious vehicle, the new Hyundai i20 excels at making things easy for the driver.

The new Hyundai i20 boasts the manufacturer's fluidic sculpture design language, giving it flowing bodylines and a striking appearance, whether stationary or on the road.

Choosing the Style model even gets you LED daytime running lights, which add further presence.

The rear seats can be folded 60:40, or even flat, to boost luggage capacity to an impressive 1,042 litres. That can make fitting your wheelchair or mobility scooter into the vehicle easier.

Things get even simpler thanks to the Bluetooth voice controlled system, which lets you issue commands without lifting a finger.

New Hyundai i20

All Hyundai i20 models have high-tech engines, designed to lower emissions. That exempts you from road tax according to the current regulations. And fuel economy is similarly outstanding; the 1.1-litre version can travel a remarkable 870 miles on a single tank, meaning far fewer stops are needed.

You can expect Hyundai's usual mix of outstanding active and passive safety systems. And if a collision does occur, airbags spring into life, and the seatbelts go tense.

New Hyundai i20 Red
New Hyundai i20 Red

Find out more about the new Hyundai i20 by contacting our friendly team today. Call 029 2167 7549 for Hyundai Cardiff or 01633 745035 for Newport. We can explain the model in more detail, and can also tell you more about the Motability Scheme at Wessex Garages.

Vehicle Details
Design This hatchback is completely adaptable, even before we make specific Motability alterations, so you can organise it in a way that suits you, and your passengers.
Performance The i20 Blue has some of the lowest emissions for a diesel engine in the UK, at just 114g/km.
Specification To avoid accidents, ABS and EBD braking systems are in place, along with an Electronic Stability Programme and Traction Control.
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