Renault ZOE For Motability Introducing the Renault ZOE For Motability

Renault ZOE For Motability

Renault ZOE brings the future here and now! With the electric vehicles taking over the market, the 100% electric Renault ZOE is one to remember. As compact as it may be - this city car is boasting with amazing futuristic functions that will leave you stunned. It charges from 0% - 80% for 1 hour and 40 minutes and there are already 6,000 charging points all across the UK. The distance that you can run on one charge is up to 186 miles which means that you can pay as little as 3p for each mile travelled.

New Renault ZOE
New Renault ZOE Display
New Renault ZOE Boot

You will never need to worry about where your keys are with the new hands-free card. This item allows you to open, close and start your vehicle just like your keys. With the new software updates you can warm up or cool down your car's temperature before you enter the vehicle.

New Renault ZOE Charging

To find out more about what the ZOE has to offer and book a test drive with Wessex Garages in Newport, enquire today to book an appointment on 01633 745041 .

Vehicle Details
Performance Powered by a Q90 Quick Charge engine and a R110 engine the maximum speed is 84 mph.
Technology Android Auto Compatible allows you to make the most of your most favourite phone applications.
Safety This car its not only smart but can talk as well! Z.E. voice will let pedestrians know that you are coming when you are driving between 1 mph - 18 mph.
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