​How could Brexit affect buying a new car?

​Brexit has been a constant presence in the UK dialogue since the 2016 referendum; however, with a trade deal still to be agreed with the EU, a few of our customers have contacted us to ask how a ‘No Deal’ exit might affect purchasing a new vehicle.

At this stage, we can’t be certain how a ‘No Deal’ Brexit will affect the car-buying industry, but it is suggested a 10% tariff on cars would be applied adding around £1,500 to a typical family car. That coupled with the fact car production fell by 45% year-on-year to 70,971 units in April; 56,999 fewer than in April a year ago. Production for both home and overseas markets fell, by 44% and 45% respectively meaning supply of new vehicles is also being affected.

With this in mind Wessex Garages have secured additional stock from all of our manufactures ready for immediate delivery including a large selection of electric and hybrid vehicles.

One thing is certain. If you’re in the market for a new car, your best bet is to buy now and make sure your delivery date is before 31st January to avoid any price increase..

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