Keep your car in showroom condition with free expert tips

Lewis Edwards, Valeter at Wessex Garages.
Lewis Edwards, Valeter at Wessex Garages.

The team at our Feeder Road dealership have put together some free advice for Bristol motorists wanting to keep their cars in tip top condition after driving it away from the showroom.

Mark Hayward, our General Manager at the dealership, explained: “New cars always look fantastic in the showroom and are always kept well cleaned and tidy. We thought we’d share some of our secrets to achieving the showroom look so people can use them at home on their own cars.

1. “Avoid washing your car on a gravel drive when using a high pressure washer or hose pipe as any pressure put onto the gravel could cause it to spray up and hit the car, potentially causing unwanted chips in the paintwork.

2. “Try to always use professional car cleaning equipment. It’s not a good idea to use household products as these could leave nasty smears and make things more difficult for you.

3. “Steer clear of using silicone-based products on your pedals and steering wheel as this can cause them to become slippery and potentially dangerous when driving. A thorough wipe over will do.

4. “Try to avoid parking under trees to limit the amount of tree sap, blossom and bird poo falling onto your car – these items can damage your paint if not cleaned off in good time.

5. “Make sure the car’s engine is off and the vehicle is cool before starting work on it. Work out of direct sunlight and always make sure to leave windows and doors open if possible to give fabrics time to dry out properly.”

We hope people find our tips helpful for keeping their cars in top condition at home. Our dealership staff are always on hand to discuss car cleaning and maintenance with anyone who pops in.

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