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First EV Couple in the South West?

Our Gloucester team think they have found the first ‘EV’ couple in Gloucester! Richard Muirhead, who has owned his eNV200 for over a year recently purchased a 30k Nissan Leaf for his wife Lynnie earning them the accolade.

Richard, who operates the Pestforce business in the Gloucester area made his initial purchase in 2015. He’d been in the market for a new van for his business but hadn’t initially considered an EV, but having popped in to see our team they explained the advantages.

“While I knew the initial cost of the vehicle would be more, there were significant savings to be had over the period of ownership making cost a huge driver. In addition, people often think at Pestforce we simply destroy things, but the business is focused on doing things humanely and making a difference to the environment and an electronic vehicle obviously cuts emissions and aids us in helping the planet” said Richard.

First EV Couple in the South West

While he understood the benefits, putting them into practice and experiencing the reality could have been very different so Richard took advantage of our Four Day Extended test drive to see how an electric vehicle would fit into his life. “I’d been worried about ‘range anxiety’ but found even running a business and making multiple journeys a day it wasn’t an issue, much like I’d have to plan when I would get petrol I simply plan in a charge, so I decided to make the purchase. Having had the van a year, I don’t really think about it now, it’s second nature to just plan.”

When Richard recently came in for his first service, the vehicle had done over 15,000 miles. He believes it has saved him over £2500 in the first year alone. Having made this great saving, he then decided to make another purchase for his wife:

“Lynnie was happy driving the van, we knew there were significant financial benefits with an EV and also environmental too so the Leaf was the natural choice. The team were brilliant too – Lynnie really appreciated the extra effort they made with the flowers and the bow.”

First EV Couple in the South West

As the proud owners of a Nissan eNV200 and Leaf we believe the Muirheads are truly an ‘EV’ couple, possibly the only ones in the South West. Sean Goodfield, Nissan Brand Manager at our Gloucester branch commented “We’re thrilled Richard was so pleased with his van that he decided to purchase the Leaf too. It just proves there really is an EV solution for all purposes whether it’s business or commuting and as a run around.

“People often don’t know that if you had an upcoming longer journey you thought an EV wouldn’t be suitable for, with Nissan you have the option to borrow a regular vehicle twice a year for this purpose, something else which was a selling point for Richard and Lynnie.”

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