Wessex Garages Company Announcement from Chris Wiseman – Managing Director

The latest Government announcement calls for another lockdown in England from 5th November to the 2nd December albeit there is already some speculation that this may be extended. I believe that it is essential, wherever possible, working within the latest guidelines, that our businesses continue to trade in both the sales and aftersales departments. I write this in the firm belief that we have some of the best controls and preventative measures in place to ensure the safety of both our customers and colleagues, and in the interests of the broader economy.

From November 6th onwards our aftersales business will continue to remain fully open and operate under the strict Covid19 policies and processes that we have in place. This will be on an appointment only basis. We continue to be committed to doing everything in our ability to ensure that customers are confident in using Wessex Garages and we assure them of their safety while visiting us.

Our showrooms and used car displays must remain closed during this period. However during the past few months we have worked hard to ensure that we have an online proposition to satisfy the change in the customer journey and provide a point of contact outside of the showrooms. The ‘Online Navigator team’ are already taking every enquiry from websites, emails and portals as well as centralising all of the sales calls for our English dealerships. For the duration of lockdown we will operate a ‘click and collect’ or ‘home delivery’ option for existing customer orders and any new orders received during this period. This will mean changes to the handover process which will now be outside, and regrettably we will not be able to conduct test drives at this time.

Our business in South Wales return to normal trading on November 9th with showrooms and aftersales facilities fully open.

Full details can be found at www.wessexgarages.com

I would like to thank our colleagues and customers for their ongoing support and commitment.

Chris Wiseman

Managing Director