New Dress Code Announcement

You may have noticed that as of the 1st of June, male staff in our dealerships are no longer wearing ties. We are currently trialling a new open collar policy. This has been introduced not only in light of record breaking temperatures, but also to create a more informal, relaxed atmosphere within our showrooms.

Similar to the removal of PC’s and desks, we are looking to remove all barriers between the customer and our sales executives and create an open environment where the customer can be totally at ease during their dealings with us. We hope you are seeing the difference.

However, customer opinion is of the utmost importance to us and as such we would like to invite you to answer a very short survey (it’ll just take a minute – we promise!) about our new policy. Once we have collated the feedback from our customers along with our staff we will decide how to move forward:


New Dress Code Announcement at Wessex