Our Five Steps to Service Booking Heaven

We’re delighted to announce that we have created a new online system to simplify our virtual service booking process for our customers.

We now have a five-step-process on our website so people can easily book in for a service, MOT or repair work.

Keith Brock, our Managing Director, explained:We recognised as a group that our previous booking system was not as customer friendly as it could have been, both in terms of the process and the complicated pricing.

“Consequently we have invested a substantial amount of time in developing a better process for our customers with clearer, transparent pricing across all of our brands.

“Customers can book their vehicle in for service, MOT or repairs via a simple five step process, requiring just their car registration number and mileage to start with. They then simply select the dealership, choose the work they want undertaking, when they want it carried out and supply their personal details. It’s as simple as that.

“The new system creates a ‘shopping basket’ in much the same way as other online shops. Customers are then in total control of their spend from start to finish.”

Wessex Garages now has a fixed service pricing element for each car brand.

Lewis Gilbert, Service Advisor at Wessex Garages, uses the new service booking system.

Keith said: “The old system was very complicated with the pricing as there was so many different options.

“With the new fixed pricing structure per car brand it is clear what you will be paying – so Kia will have a set price for servicing for its petrol/diesel vehicles and no matter what car you have in the Kia range or the age of the vehicle you will pay the same. There will then be set prices for the other bands we stock.”

Pricing for minor services will start from £149 and for major services from £219, depending on the car brand and whether the vehicle is petrol or diesel.

Keith added: “We will also keep our customers fully informed for as long as we have possession of their vehicle and through the Wessex Vision tool we can create a short video explaining the work that’s needed. Customers can therefore make a decision on which tasks they want, and be sure that the prices won’t change.

“Whatever the customer decides our experienced trained technicians will complete the work to the highest standards and fit only genuine manufacturer parts every time.”

On top of this Wessex Garages will also offer a complimentary valet with each service.

Keith continued: “The decision to improve our online booking system was driven by our core values and company mission statement – ‘To treat customers how we would like to be treated’. This centres on our three pillars: trust, transparency and value for money.

We aim to create total transparency, trust and value for money for our customers and to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. We hope our customers find our new booking service easy to use, clear and concise.”

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