Wessex helps Constabulary with seven Nissan Leafs

Wessex helps Constabulary with seven Nissan Leafs
Wessex helps Constabulary with seven Nissan Leafs

Our Mercia Road car dealership in Gloucester has supplied seven 100% electric Nissan Leafs to the Gloucestershire Constabulary.

The dealership has provided three marked police cars for use in urban areas and four unmarked vehicles for use in other operations.

Andy Provis, our Group Fleet Manager, said: “We are delighted that the Gloucestershire Constabulary have invested in seven of Nissan’s 100% electric Leafs. There are many benefits of switching to an electric vehicle such as the low running costs and of course the environmental aspects.

“The Nissan Leaf is the world’s most popular and successful electric vehicle to date and is now available with a 30kW battery option, which would power around 150 miles.

“The practicality of the Leaf is really drawing people to make the purchase and we are pleased to see that the Gloucestershire Constabulary is leading the way within the UK police force.”

Gloucestershire Constabulary currently has 412 vehicles with 89.32% run on diesel and the remaining 10.68% on unleaded petrol.

The Sunderland-built, electric Nissan Leaf is also cheaper to run on a per-mile basis than petrol/diesel and as all-electric vehicles have less moving parts than their petrol or diesel counterparts they will need less frequent servicing too.

Martin Surl, Police and Crime Commissionerfor Gloucestershire, said: “Gloucestershire Police have tested a number of electric models to check their viability. Now the first seven Nissan Leafs have arrived.

“The police are big car users with the vast majority of its fleet currently running on diesel engines. I believe the police can and should make an important contribution to reducing emissions by using cleaner vehicles.”

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