Va va boom time at Wessex Garages

Keith Brock, Managing Director of Wessex Garages.
Keith Brock, Managing Director of Wessex Garages.
Nissan Showroom

According to our figures more and more South West and South Wales motorists have purchased a new Nissan vehicle (January until September 2015).

We saw a 46% increase on new Nissan car sales from January until September as compared to the same period the previous year (2014).

Keith Brock, our Managing Director, said: “This is fantastic news, a huge increase from 2014. We hope this trend continues well into 2016. Our most popular Nissan vehicle was the Qashqai, which was also the fifth bestselling car in the UK in September.

“To add to this we also saw a 102% increase on Nissan ‘business-to-business’ sales for the same period. The 100% electric, Nissan e-NV200 van has been very popular with our business customers, as more people are now finding them a real, viable option.

“As a company we have been a Nissan dealer in Bristol since 1986 and are looking forward to celebrating our 30th anniversary next year. Due to the success of the Nissan brand in Bristol, we will be opening our new design-led Nissan dealership on Hayes Way at Cribbs Causeway with a creation of 40 jobs on December 28.

“We already have two dealerships in the city at Pennywell Road and Feeder Road and it seemed the right time to invest further in the city with a brand new branch located in an area that is developing.”

The new Nissan dealership will span more than 18,000 square feet and is a huge investment for Wessex Garages as the whole project will cost in the region of £5million. It will also be a centre for electric vehicles and will be an additional charging point for Bristol.

Keith added: “We have spent the past five months recruiting and training new members for the roles at the dealership. It is vital to have the right person for each position so that we can offer our customers a high standard of customer care from day one.

“As well as investing in our new Nissan dealership, in July we also invested in a new dealer management system software called Pinnacle, which saw a further investment of £500,000. We are always striving to give our customers the best possible customer service and this new system will aid us to boost what we already offer.

“Pinnacle is continuously being enhanced with new and innovative ways to improve the customer experience. It is a fully-integrated dealer management system that has flexibility to accommodate our needs. It seemed the next step for us and will be very beneficial to the running of our new Cribbs dealership. Importantly, it will further enhance our measurement of customer service.

“At the core of Wessex Garages are our three key pillars: trust, transparency and value for money. We aim to create total transparency and trust for our customers and are committed to giving exceptional customer service, whether you are purchasing a car or using any of our aftersales services.

“In today’s ever changing market we try and ensure we continue to be forward thinking and we don’t sit back and wait for someone else to come up with the next brilliant idea. Our main focus is on how we can make the customer experience better and we’re committed to research and development, as well as continual staff training, in order to do this. Our digital activity truly makes us different and it is and still is a key development area for us.

“A 100% customer satisfaction is still our aim and we will continue to strive for this. We aim to create as transparent a service as possible to show customers that we are more than just an automotive retailer and we like to create real engagement with our customers. It is these elements that make us the ‘The Intelligent Choice’.”

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