We helped to raise £200 for FMA UK

OUR STAFF at our Newport dealership helped to raise £200 for the charity, FMA UK, during a fundraising evening on Saturday, April 25.

Richard Renshaw, our Digital Sales Executive at Newport Retail Park and Jamie Thomas, our Hyundai Salesman, took along six cars to the charity event to be auctioned off for people to win for a weekend.

Richard said: “The event took place at the Newport Cricket Club in the International Sports Village and was organised by Bethan Williamson to raise money for FMA UK. The charity offers information and resources to people who are affected by fibromyalgia.

“Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition of widespread pain and profound fatigue. The pain tends to be felt as diffuse aching or burning, often described as head to toe. It may be worse at some times than at others. It may also change location, usually becoming more severe in parts of the body that are used the most. The fatigue ranges from feeling tired, to the exhaustion of a flu-like illness.

“Bethan decided to host the fundraising evening as her Nana suffers from fibromyalgia. We were delighted we could help her with the event. As well as providing the cars for Bethan to auction off we also bid on items in the auction and the total amount we raised for the charity was £200.

“I helped even further and was the auctioneer for Bethan. Jamie and I also managed to come away with a few prizes by placing bids on items including a Polaroid camera, Kurio 7 tablet and a Bush tablet.”

The winners of the car auction include:

  • Karen Busson will be getting an Hyundai I30 for the weekend
  • Nick Aston a Kia Sportage
  • Callum Howie a Fiat 500X
  • Heather Baldwin a Kia Sorento
  • David Bunney a Hyundai I20
  • Peter Evans the Fiat Panda Cross.

FMA UK is a registered charity administered by unpaid volunteers. The majority of volunteers are also fibromyalgia sufferers. It was established in order to provide information and support to sufferers and their families.

In addition, FMA UK also provides medical information for professionals and operates a national helpline.

Bethan said: “Wessex Garages in Newport kindly donated six vehicles for weekend hire in support of my charity night to raise money for FMA UK. I’m overwhelmed and extremely grateful to Wessex Garages in particular to Jamie and Richard for all of their kindness and hard work. Thank you.”

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Photograph caption: (From left to right) Richard Renshaw, Digital Sales Executive, Bethan Williamson and Jamie Thomas, Hyundai Salesman, with the prizes Wessex Garages won in the auction.