Wessex celebrate winning Best Motivational Campaign Award

sustainable travel award

STAFF at our Pennywell Road dealership in Bristol are celebrating this week (December 1, 2015) after winning the Best Motivational Campaign at the Travel West Business Awards 2015.

We were presented with the award on November 26 at the Grand Pier in Weston-super-Mare for incentivising staff to make and sustain behavioural change and adopt more sustainable modes of travel.

Kate Hancock, our Business Specialist, said: “We’re delighted to have won the Best Motivational Campaign at this year’s awards. Having won ‘Best Newcomer’ at last year’s awards we wanted to ensure that we didn’t lose momentum and continued to encourage our staff to think green.

“During the past 12 months we worked on a programme to incentivise and motivate our staff to adopt more sustainable modes of travel to work. We gave our staff the ability to renegotiate their contracted hours if they wanted to share a vehicle and therefore need the same hours as other members of staff or need specific hours in order to catch a specific mode of public transport.

“To incentivise electric vehicles as an option for our employees we subsidised them and provided specialist parking spaces for electric vehicles for our staff to use.

“In order to encourage our Cycle to Work scheme and following our success at our Pennywell branch we are in the process of rolling out cycle facilities including cycle parks and showers at all of our branches. We have also given those who cycle the option to amend their hours to suit, if they would like to start or leave earlier to cycle in less traffic and have time to shower upon arrival.”

The size of Wessex Garages fleet of electric vehicles has also increased so that the majority of internal journeys made by staff between its branches are carried out in electric vehicles.

Kate explained: “This has saved us £1000’s in fuel costs per month and also drastically reduced our carbon footprint. This has been a major part of our ‘lead by example’ campaign and our staff have been able to see the benefits to the company, which has encouraged a significant number to switch to electric vehicles.

“To add to this we also use electric vans within our parts departments, so that the majority of parts deliveries are now made by electric vehicles.

“We believe all of this has contributed to a huge reduction in the number of staff vehicles on-site at Pennywell Road, contributing to less congestion in the area and reducing our carbon footprint. We will continue to do all we can to encourage our staff to adopt more sustainable modes of travel.”

The company also heavily invested in Bristol Green Capital 2015 providing it with five electric cars.

Kate added: “Through the partnership with Bristol Green Capital 2015 we sponsored and provided the Nissan Leaf for the Bristol Half Marathon and the Bristol Grand Prix Cycle race, encouraging our staff to enter both and also to volunteer.”

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