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Nissan 370z Introducing the Nissan 370z Starting From £35,035.00
New Nissan 370z Exterior

New Nissan 370z

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Through the production of the Nissan 370Z, Nissan has brought to life a road-worthy sports car, fully focused on speed, handling and performance. Nissan has ensured that the car is as good to look at as it is to drive, and that the technological features also help to enhance the overall experience.

New Nissan 370z Interior
New Nissan 370z Interior Close-up
New Nissan 370z Interior Close-up
New Nissan 370z Interior

LED technology is used in the rear lights, giving all cars on the road a strong impression as they are left behind. Completing the sports-focused look are the dual exhaust pipe stainless steel finishers, for the full track experience. Inside, the 370Z continues the sports aesthetic, providing a stylish cabin that is also comfortable and made from high-quality materials. This includes black woven Carbon seat cloth for the upholstery and black cloth trim on the doors.

Nissan has positioned the centre column so that it is easy to reach, and it is from here that all technological features are accessed. Multimedia entertainment is provided by the CD player with four speakers, and Bluetooth® functionality is also included.

New Nissan 370z Dashboard Close-up
Vehicle Details


Every aspect of the 370Z's exterior has been optimised for its peerformance on the road. The body has been honed and crafted to be sleek and streamlined, aiding the overall aerodynamics and making sure that wind lag does not affect the drive or the handling. The 370Z arrives with 18-inch wheels as standard, but the exclusive GT Pack gives access to 19-inch Rays alloy wheels. Bi-Xenon headlights illuminate the way, and are protected and maintained by the headlight washer with auto lveller.


Two petrol engines power the 370Z. These are all available as four-cylinder models, and give options of six or seven-speed manual or automatic transmission. Overall, the 370Z can achieve a maximum top speed of 155mph. It gives out emissions of 245g/km of CO2, and has a combined fuel consumption of 26.6mpg.


Airbags are included for the driver and passenger seat, and side and curtain airbags complete the protective profile. Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD) and Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) systems are included, as is an audio and visual alert if the seatbelts are not fastened properly.
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