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There's No Escaping It - Ev's Are The Future!

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Ever since Colin Herron, the managing director of Zero Carbon Futures, went on record to say “we’re going to have one million EVs on the road by 2020”, the interest of having EVs or Ultra-low emission vehicles (ULEVs) has grown. This is no different in UK fleets, as EVs are now a common sight as manufactures and companies aim to reduce their CO2 emissions and fleet running costs.

Research from Fleet200 – that included the UK’s biggest 200 fleets across 10 industry sectors – seems to back this up, with more and more businesses operating more hybrids and EVs than ever before.

We at Wessex Garages have also been witness to the growing demand for plug-in vehicles, as plans are being discussed for EV vehicle owners to benefit from public charging locations, free parking and permission to drive in bus lanes.

The popular Nissan Leaf, which as of April 2016 represented 23% of the total plug-in vehicles in the UK, has remained a well-liked model for us, as we continually get interest from local businesses, tourist attractions, sporting teams and universities wanting to switch to EVs and test out the vehicle. And in recent months, we’ve seen another EVs popularity increase as the Nissan e-NV200 commercial vans cost savings begin to make sense to local delivery businesses in the surrounding urban areas.

With technology ever evolving, we’re expecting more and more businesses to ‘jump to the electric bandwagon’ as support for the Go Ultra Low City Scheme picks up ‘clean’ momentum.