Renault Twizy Introducing the Renault Twizy Starting From £6,690.00

New Renault TWIZY

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The TWIZY is Renault's all-electric microcar, an innovative vehicle designed for the urban motorist who wants zero-emission motoring. It offers an alternative to the ZOE electric vehicle (EV) with its compact shape and unique overall design.


There is a windscreen but no side windows, although the roof provides reasonable protection you from the elements. A choice of four colour finishes are offered for the main body, including a light blue or striking white. The blue chrome Renault diamond badge on the front is a signature feature on all of Renault's EVs.

New Renault Twizy Side View
New Renault Twizy
New Renault Twizy Rear Side View


A passenger can be carried behind the driver's seat so the Twizy is practical too. A Twizy Cargo variant is also available, which includes a 180-litre boot at the rear that is accessed via a lockable door.


A Parrot Bluetooth hands-free kit can be added as an accessory so you can take calls without lifting a finger.

Engine and performance

Power is provided by a 11hp electric motor and compact lithium-ion battery pack. One-speed automatic transmission sends drive to the road smoothly and when you're sitting at the wheel you'll feel like you're in a hatchback. A maximum range of 62 miles demonstrates that the Twizy is best suited to the city, where charging infrastructure for EVs increases with every passing month. The battery can be topped up in as little as three and a half hours when you plug the vehicle into a domestic wall socket.

New Renault Twizy Interior
New Renault Twizy Interior Storage
New Renault Twizy Rear Interior


Established safety systems let you navigate the city with confidence in the Twizy. A driver airbag is standard-fit, and front and rear disc brakes bring the model to a halt quickly if you need to avoid a collision. A sturdy four-point seat-belt holds you securely if you do brake sharply.

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Vehicle Details


The Twizy is more of a quadricycle than a car. It takes the driver's section of a conventional car – the steering wheel, pedals and instrument panel – and fits it to an ultra-compact platform.


When seated in the Twizy you will feel secure and well supported. You're positioned and high above the road for good all-round visibility, while the large side openings mean you won't feel cramped when at the wheel.


Every Twizy includes a three-metre integrated electric charging cable as standard to charge the vehicle from a domestic socket. The amount of energy remaining is clearly shown in the cabin through the battery gauge, and a range indicator with eco score lets you track how economically you are driving.
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