Welcome to Wessex Garages

Established Electric Car Dealership in Bristol, Gloucester & South Wales

Electric vehicles are growing in popularity, and Wessex Garages is helping more motorists in Wales and the South West to make the switch from traditionally-powered cars. We strongly believe that these cleaner vehicles are the future of motoring, and today stock a variety of models to satisfy different buyers. You can browse through both new and Approved Used electric cars to find your next purchase, and take advantage of our generous special offers.

Extended 4-DAY test-drives

Driving habits have changed. We realise that you may want to have the car for longer (extended test drive). Talk to our EV specialist about test driving for either 4 days.

The very latest electric cars

Our new electric car collection includes the Nissan LEAF, Kia Soul EV, Renault ZOE and other forward-thinking vehicles. The zero-emission powertrain isn’t the only innovative technology to feature within these vehicles, as they are all built to feature clever systems and in-car equipment. Navigate through to our new electric vehicle page to view each model in detail and to enquire online.

Value-adding used electric vehicles

You will also find a broad range of Approved Used electric vehicles at each of our dealerships, which perform to the same standards as a brand new equivalent. When any pre-owned vehicle arrives at our dealerships, we hand it over to our technicians for a comprehensive inspection to make sure no faults exist. The models we have available are also listed on the website so you can browse the stock at your leisure.

Servicing and parts support

Regular servicing using genuine manufacturer parts is the only way to get the most from your new or Approved Used electric vehicle. We offer comprehensive aftersales support to keep you and your car on the move, alongside MOT testing and parts sales. You can book an appointment online today and expect superb customer service at any of our aftersales centres. And for added convenience, you can choose a day and time to visit that fits with your schedule.