Electric Cars: Your Common Questions Answered

How do I charge my EV?

  • Motability provide a free home charger (providing you have off road parking such as a driveway or garage). You apply for it during the application for the new EV.
  • I don’t have off road parking but still want an EV, can I do this?
    • Yes, we offer free subscription to BP Pulse On The Go - https://www.bppulse.co.uk/charging-on-the-go
    • Subscription for lifetime of the vehicle with no monthly payments (normally £7.85 per month)
    • Just pay a discounted rate for the energy you use (BP Pulse chargers only)

How do I understand the range?

  • Similar to MPG (miles per gallon) EVs talk in terms of m/kwh]
  • Typically EVs do 3 miles/kWh, when choosing a vehicle you can look for this information.
  • Using the vehicles functions can reduce the range slightly (aircon, usb charging etc…).
  • Batteries also show a lower charged range in winter due to the temperature of the battery.

How do I know if an EV will be affordable?

  • Home charger installation is a cost saver.
  • If you pay 28p per kwh unit for your energy and divide that by how many miles you get from your EV – 28/3= 9p per mile
  • Use this fantastic affordability calculator to compare vehicles - https://www.zap-map.com/tools/journey-cost-calculator/ (Motability Operations have initiated a partnership with ZAP Map)
  • Speak to your energy supplier about an EV tariff (off peak discounts)

How long does it take to charge my vehicle?

  • First you need to understand the size of the battery in your vehicle – example 58kwh
  • Then the speed of the charger you are using – 7kwh
  • Between 8hr – 9hr to reach 100% from empty, final 20% is charged at a lower speed to protect the battery.
  • Keeping the vehicle charged is the trick here rather than running down the battery.

I am in a petrol/diesel at the moment and cannot afford to run it, can I end my lease early?

  • Contact Motability to discuss this in more detail so they can understand your circumstances - 0300 456 4566