Electric Vehicles Servicing and MOT

All Electric Vehicles are simpler to service than conventional petrol or diesel cars - The simpler things are underneath the bonnet, the simpler (and cheaper) the servicing and maintenance.

Plug in-Hybrid Vehicles can also be cheaper to maintain because the petrol or diesel engine is used far less than usual, resulting in less wear and tear and fewer repairs throughout its lifetime.

What’s different about an All Electric Service?

When you bring your Electric Vehicle in for a service, all the usual service items, such as wear on the braking system, your headlights and tyre condition are checked.

However, when servicing Electric Vehicles, specific electric elements are inspected and replaced, such as:

  • Charging cable: we check that the cable is present and visually check its condition.
  • High-voltage battery: we check the charge level and recharge it if necessary.
  • High-voltage components and high-voltage cables: we inspect these for damage and correct routing and securing of lines.