Wessex Videos

We live in an age of multimedia and constantly updating information. With Wessex Videos, we wanted to create a series of ongoing and informative videos that help tell you all there is to know about Wessex Garages and the brands we represent.

We produce detailed “Get To Know” videos on the latest cars, like the sporty new Kia Stinger or the incomparable new Nissan Qashqai. Our videos on Servicing, Finance and Motability, meanwhile, are designed to help you understand all of the aspects of owning and servicing a vehicle with us. We also have a “How To” series, intended to help you take care of your car and get the most out of it, for maximum enjoyment and safety.

We hope you enjoy the videos that we have put together - we certainly love producing them. Please check back regularly with our website for the latest informative content from Wessex Video.