Gender Pay Gap Report 2021

Wessex Garages

Pay calculated for the pay period including 05/04/2021

Bonus calculated for the year 06/04/2020 to 05/04/2021

Pay Differences

Hourly Mean Pay Rate 28.45
Hourly Median Pay Rate 19.99
Mean Bonus Payments 41.24
Median Bonus Payments 30.91

Pay Percentage Distributions

Male (%) Female (%)
Receiving Bonus 94.61 95.38
Upper Quartile 84.13 15.87
Upper Middle Quartile 80.95 19.05
Lower Middle Quartile 71.43 28.57
Lower Quartile 66.67 33.33


The pay differences are expressed as the difference between the mean/median hourly rate / bonus for men and women as a percentage of the men's rate / bonus pay. Negative values mean that the average rate for women is greater than for men. For more information see the relevant legislation.

The percentages of employees receiving bonuses are simply based on the numbers of male and female employees identified as having received some kind of bonus payment in the year.

Quartile figures are calculated by dividing the pay rates into four equal groups from the lowest to the highest and working out how many male and female employees are in each group.

This report was compiled using the methods described in the relevant legislation from data held in the payroll system and identified as relevant for this purpose by the client. Trace Payroll Services Ltd cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies resulting from the omission of any other data not deemed relevant or not supplied by the client.

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