Our mission statement:

“We are committed to helping our customers make informed choices by delivering great value and customer service."

Our core values:


These values guide how we think and act, and how we do business with you.


- We’re experienced and understand the changing market.

- We work hard to understand exactly what our customers need.

- We know our manufacturer brands inside out.

- We’re always up to date with vehicle technology and technical training.



- We represent brands that offer great value products.

- We provide great value deals, after-sales and customer service. 

- We understand that the lowest price is not always the most intelligent choice. 

- We want our customers to buy right so they don’t have to buy twice. 

- We want customers to know we value their business.


​​- We have a transparent pricing policy using industry leading market Intelligence. 

- We provide tools to help our customers understand what they’re buying. 

- Customers get what they pay for and nothing less.


- We have over 30 years' experience taking care of our customers.

- We have great customer satisfaction scores from a number of online review websites.

- If the unexpected happens you can trust us to look after you.

- We have a trusted relationship with every one of our manufacturers.

- Our advice always focuses on what’s best for the customer.

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