How to change a wheel

If you suffer a punctured tyre or buckled wheel, you do have the option of calling out your roadside assistance provider to change it for you. However, it is something you can do for yourself as long as you have the requisite equipment and knowledge

You will need:

  • Your manufacturer’s handbook
  • A locking wheel nut
  • A vehicle jack
  • A wheel brace
  • A replacement wheel

And then follow these steps:

  • Before attempting to replace the wheel, make sure you are parked on a flat surface in a safe position away from any busy roads. Put the handbrake on and switch on the hazard lights to alert passing drivers to your presence. If possible you should wear high-visibility clothing and put the emergency warning triangle out.
  • Place the jack in the lifting point closest to the wheel you are replacing. You can find detailed instructions and a diagram on how to do this for your car in the manufacturer handbook. Extend the jack until the car lifts slightly on its springs.
  • Slacken the wheel nuts using the wheel brace and locking wheel nut tools. When they are loose, apply downward pressure on the tyre to ‘break’ the nut.
  • Raise the jack further to lift the car clear off the ground. Remove the wheel nuts one by one, leaving the top one until last before removing the wheel slowly with both hands.
  • To fit the spare wheel, follow the reverse process. Attach the wheel nuts loosely, starting with the top fitting. Lower the jack so the wheel makes contact with the ground before tightening the wheel nuts fully.
  • Take your car to a garage as soon as you can to check the tyre pressure in the new tyres and have the wheel nuts tightened to the correct level. You should replace the damaged wheel or tyre with a new spare in case of future emergencies.

We recommend that you practise changing a wheel at home so that you feel confident with the process should you need to attempt a wheel change when you are out and about. If you have any questions about changing your wheel, you can speak to the highly skilled technicians at your nearest Wessex Garages dealership for advice.