How to change a wiper blade

Having good quality windscreen wiper blades fitted is essential for maintaining sufficient visibility during wet weather conditions. Rain and spray from the road can severely compromise your safety – so wiper blades must be able to clear water quickly without juddering or smearing.

Wessex Garages supplies various windscreen wiper blade products for all makes and models. These are inexpensive and you can fit them yourself. We recommend that you change your windscreen wiper blades every 12 months - sooner if they start to lose effectiveness. Removing your windscreen wiper blades is a simple process:

  • To remove wiper blades, switch the car ignition on and turn the wipers on until both blades are vertical – then turn the ignition off. Angle the blade away from the windscreen and locate the small plastic clip that holds the blade in place. They should slide off easily.
  • Once you have bought the replacement blades, slide them onto the plastic mounts using the same mechanism you used to take the old blades off. Once the wiper blades are securely fixed in place you can turn the ignition on and return the wiper blades to the horizontal position.

After removing your blades, bring them to your nearest Wessex Garages branch in order to choose the correct size replacements. If you have any further questions about which windscreen wiper blades to choose or how to attach the replacement blades, please contact the team at Wessex Garages. You can enquire online or call your nearest dealership for expert advice on wipers and all other aspects of home vehicle maintenance.