How to check engine coolant levels

Engine coolant keeps the engine system at the optimum operating temperature and prevents it from overheating. If the amount of coolant in the engine is too low, your car’s engine unit is likely to break down, particularly on a hot day or when negotiating heavy traffic. You should therefore use the following procedure to check the level of coolant regularly, particularly in warm summer weather or before a long journey.

  • Open the bonnet and prop it open in order to locate the expansion bottle. You can find precise information about where this is by looking in the manufacturer handbook.
  • The bottle has minimum and maximum markings on the side to show you whether there is enough engine coolant at a glance.
  • If the engine coolant level is low and you need to top it up, your car needs to be cool so that you do not scald yourself. This means you need to have not driven the car for around two hours before attempting to replace the engine coolant.
  • Remove the cap and pour in the correct specification of engine coolant for your car, being careful not to fill above the maximum marking on the side of the bottle.
  • If you find that the coolant level is persistently low and you need to top it up every time you check, there may be an underlying issue such as a leak. Bring your car to your nearest Wessex Garages workshop and our technicians will be happy to inspect the engine system to diagnose the issue.

For further information or advice on which coolant type you need to put in your car, you can speak to the experts at Wessex Garages. Phone or visit your nearest branch or enquire online to get in touch with our team.