How to check your tyre pressure

Having all four tyres inflated to the correct pressure is important for increasing the life and wear of your tyres and achieving the best possible fuel economy. It also means your car will handle better, making it safer and more fun to drive. The difference is particularly marked in wet or icy conditions. Follow these simple steps to check your tyre pressure:

  • You will find precise information about the correct tyre pressures for your car in the vehicle handbook or on a sticker attached to the fuel filler cap. There will be one number for normal driving and one for when you are driving with heavy loads.
  • Aim to check your tyre pressures twice a month. You should take readings when the tyres are cold, which means the car should not have been driven for about two hours beforehand.
  • Use a reliable and accurate tyre pressure gauge. You can find a pressure gauge on the forecourt of each Wessex Garages dealership.
  • Remove the dust cap from the tyre valve and attach the gauge stem to the valve. You should get an instant reading of the tyre pressure. If the tyre is under-inflated you can add air for free at any Wessex Garages branch.
  • Check all four tyres at the same time and remember to check the pressure of the spare tyre as this is often neglected. You will need the spare tyre to be correctly inflated if you come to use it.

If you are worried that any of your vehicle’s tyres are damaged or are losing pressure more quickly than usual, please contact the team at your local Wessex Garages dealership. You can contact us via the website or phone us to speak to a member of staff about your requirements.