How to improve the fuel consumption of your hybrid car

If you have decided that a hybrid car is the right option for you, your decision may have been motivated by doing as many miles to the gallon as possible. The advanced powertrain technology used in hybrid models means that you will see exceptional fuel efficiency without even trying but if you focus on driving economically it will be even better. The tips in these articles will help you to maximise your fuel economy.

Before you set off

  • Clear the boot of any unnecessary items that may be weighing you down and remove any unused roof boxes or bike racks, which add weight and air resistance.
  • Check your tyre pressure regularly to ensure they are inflated to the optimum level for fuel efficiency – this information is in your manufacturer handbook.
  • Plan your route well in advance to avoid wasting fuel, getting lost or sitting in traffic jams.

On the road

  • Your hybrid model uses electric power from the battery to start and the engine then kicks in when the car needs more power. Using electric power for as long as possible will reduce the amount of fuel you burn. You can do this by being gentle with the accelerator pedal at low speeds.
  • Reading the road ahead helps you to anticipate when you will need to slow down. Brake early and gently to maximise the amount of energy recouped by regenerative braking.
  • Familiarise yourself with the useful modes and features in your car. Putting your car in ECO mode reduces aggressive throttle response and using the cruise control system maintains a steady speed so you use the accelerator pedal less.
  • Limit your use of energy-hungry technologies such as air conditioning, as using them heavily will drain the battery more quickly and increase your fuel consumption.

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