How to top up screenwash

Screenwash is the cleaning fluid that the windscreen wipers use to clear dirt and debris from the windscreen. Keeping your screen wash topped up is therefore essential to maintain good visibility with no stains or smearing.

  • Begin by opening the bonnet and propping it up. You may need to refer to your manufacturer handbook to find the exact location of the screen wash bottle as it varies between marques and models.
  • To check the level of screen wash in the bottle, refer to the minimum and maximum level markers on the side of the bottle.
  • To top up the level, remove the cap carefully. Pour the screen wash into the bottle, using a funnel if you have one. Some types of screen wash are sold ready to add straight to your car and some need to be diluted with water first.
  • Check the fluid level frequently to stay on top of it and avoid being caught out without any means of cleaning your windscreen.

The team at all Wessex Garages dealerships will be happy to advise you on the benefits of different screen wash products. You can contact us online or by phone or visit your local branch.