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Treating Customers Fairly


At Wessex Garages, we are committed to treating our customers fairly and ensuring that their needs are always met. As a company, we understand the importance of the Financial Conduct Authority's (FCA) principles for Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) and the Consumer Duty, and we have integrated them into our business operations.

Our TCF policy is based on the following core principles:

1. Transparency and Clarity

We are committed to being transparent and providing clear information to our customers about the products and services we offer. We will provide all necessary details such as the costs involved, terms and conditions, and any applicable charges.

2. Meeting Customer Needs

We will ensure that our products and services meet the needs of our customers, and we will help them make informed decisions. We will not offer our customers any products or services that are not suitable for their needs.

3. Providing Excellent Customer Service

We are dedicated to delivering high-quality customer service that is prompt, professional, and courteous. We will listen to our customers and provide them with the assistance and support they require.

4. Resolving Complaints Promptly

We will handle any customer complaints promptly and fairly. We will aim to resolve complaints as quickly as possible, and we will keep our customers informed throughout the process.

5. Continuous Improvement

We are committed to continuous improvement and will regularly review our products and services to ensure that they meet the changing needs of our customers. We will also review our TCF policy regularly and make improvements where necessary.

Wessex Garages is authorized and regulated by the FCA, and we comply with all relevant regulations and guidelines. We ensure that all our staff members are trained and knowledgeable about TCF and the Consumer Duty, and we encourage them to always act in the best interests of our customers.

We believe that our TCF policy demonstrates our commitment to providing our customers with a fair and transparent service. We will continue to monitor our performance to ensure that we are meeting our TCF obligations and delivering the best possible service to our customers.