Discover the Perfect Accessories for Your New Nissan

Congratulations on your upcoming Nissan purchase from Wessex Garages. We know that you're excited about hitting the road in your new car. But why wait until you pick up your car to make it truly yours?

Enhance your driving experience and add a personal touch with our exclusive range of Nissan accessories. We understand that every driver is unique, and your car should reflect your style and preferences. Our comprehensive Nissan Accessories Brochure is your one-stop destination to explore a wide array of options designed to elevate your driving pleasure:

Functionality Meets Style: From practical add-ons like roof boxes and towbar bike carriers, to stylish enhancements like alloy wheels and illuminated entry guards, our accessories seamlessly combine form and function.

Infotainment Upgrades: Upgrade your in-car entertainment and connectivity with USB socket enhancements, tracking systems or ambient lighting.

Comfort and Convenience: Discover accessories that make your driving experience more comfortable, such as seat covers, luxury floor mats tailored to fit your Nissan model.

Security and Protection: Keep your investment safe and secure with advanced security systems and protective packs, including car covers, dog guards and more.

Getting your hands on the Nissan Accessories Brochure is easy! Simply click the link below to download your digital copy. Browse at your leisure, explore the options, and start planning how you'll make your new Nissan uniquely yours.


Contact our dedicated accessory specialists for your personalised recommendations or any questions you may have:

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Don't wait to personalise your new Nissan - let your journey begin before you even hit the road! Download the Nissan Accessories Brochure now and get ready to make a statement on the streets.