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If you’re thinking about selling your vehicle then we’re here to help.

With over 30 years’ experience in buying and selling of cars, we have lots of experience to ensure you get the best price for your vehicle. We offer free valuations with a no hassle experience. We buy make and model cars for retail which means there are no third parties involved and no hidden fees. This allows us to offer you the very best price for your vehicle and free fast payment.

We give competitive quotes for any manufacturer and you might be pleasantly surprised how much your car is worth. We are looking for cars and vans under 60, 000 miles and up to 6 years with service history.

Call 01174 280 280 or email to get your car cash today*!

In order to give you a transparent valuation for your car, we will require you to provide us with as much information as possible, detailed below.

Your car is as individual as you, and we require all this information to value. Please provide the following information when contacting us to value your car;

  • Registration number
  • Mileage
  • Keys
    • How many sets of keys does the car have?
  • How you bought the car
    • New?
    • Second-hand dealer?
    • From a friend?
  • Service history
    • Do you have a full record of service through a main dealer?
    • Serviced by a local garage but it is all logged in the service book?
    • Do you not know much history about its service history?
  • Condition of the car - we would like you to be honest about the condition and have categorised as follows;
    • As New - It still smells new! The car may have some mileage, but to all intents and purposes, this is a new car with no signs of wear
    • Excellent - I've really looked after it! In relation to its age, this car is in excellent condition with no reconditioning work required, although there may be a few signs that this is no longer a new car
    • Average - It's a used car ..... it's been used. There may be the odd dent or scuff, nothing too serious. The alloys may have a few scuffs and the kids might have made a bit of a mess in the back
    • Below Average - I'll be honest, it's got a few battle scars.

The more information you can give us, the truer the valuation of your car we can provide - Call 01174 280 280 or email to get your cash today*!

*T&Cs apply. To be paid out the same day for a successful valuation is dependant on the factors detailed above. Wessex Garages reserves the right to cancel at any given time.

  • it is not an import, i.e. it is a right-hand drive vehicle with UK registration plates
  • it has not ever been subject to an insurance write off or used for private hire, rental, driving tuition or as a police vehicle
  • there are no major mechanical faults with the car
  • it does not have a personalised registration plate, or, if the vehicle has a personalised registration plate it will remain with the Car and no value is assigned to it
  • the Car's registration document (V5c) is present
  • the Car's service history is present
  • the Car's MOT certificate is present
  • the Car's user manuals is present
  • any accessories there may be such as a locking wheel nut, radio fascia or remote controls is present