Our Kia Car Service Plans

We are here to help make sure your Kia is running smoothly. That’s why our Kia car service plans are tailored to suit the age and mileage of your car. So it's easy for you to get Kia Genuine Parts and reduce your running costs.

If you're wondering whether the Kia service plan is worth it for you, have a look at some of the benefits of our full car service plans:

- Great value for money

- Fixed cost and inflation proof car servicing

- A full Kia service history - boosting resale value

- Packages are transferred to the new owner if you sell your car

- Kia Trained Technicians only use Kia Genuine parts for maintenance, car repairs and replacements

- Choice of your preferred Kia dealer for a car service near you

Take a look at our service packages and choose your competitive fixed car service price.


How Much is a Kia Car Service Plan?

All our car service plans are brought to you through our Kia Care service plan package. We provide a quality Kia Care fixed-price car service plan for all Kia owners, tailored to your car's age and mileage. Our fixed-cost car services include inflation proofing, and offer excellent value for money on trusted services. You can buy a Kia Care service plan online. You just need your vehicle's registration and current mileage.

When is My Kia Car Service Due?

If you have a car service plan with Kia, you can check the car service intervals in your Warranty Information and Service Record Booklet. If you have forgotten when you've booked your car service, or cannot find it in your car service plan, simply reach out to your local Wessex Kia Dealership and they can inform you.

Car Service, MOT and Repairs over £35 Complimentary Excess Return Voucher***

If you have a Car Service, MOT or Repair over £35 on your Kia within the Kia Dealer network, you will entitled to receive a free £200 Excess Return Voucher.

The Excess return voucher works alongside your car insurance policy (regardless of who you are insured with) and pays back up to £200 of your excess costs if you make a claim. Call Kia first, before your insurer and we’ll repair your car using Kia genuine parts at a Kia Approved Body shop, provide accident recovery and a free courtesy car.

*** Complimentary Excess Return is available on all Kia cars that have a service, MOT or Repair over £35 in the Kia Dealer network. For conditions see voucher or click here