The Kia EV9 Here to reshape the way we move
The Kia EV9. Here to reshape the way we move. Revealed at the 2021 Los Angeles Auto Show, the Kia EV9 Concept reimagines what an all-electric vehicle can be. The EV9 offers a boundary-pushing experience, reimagining what an all-electric car can be. The designed angular profile gives the all-electric SUV a simple but distinctive outline. This electric car features 3rd row capability, is fitted with a solar panel built into the car bonnet, and an interior made from sustainable materials. The EV9 fuses bold SUV attitude with the credentials of an EV. And with the naturally blended pop-up steering wheel, the 27-inch ultra-wide display and the panoramic sunroof, EV9 offers an innovative, boundary-pushing experience from the moment you step inside. The new Kia EV9 is expected to be officially revealed in the first quarter of 2023, with sales likely to start shortly afterwards.
Rugged Appearance Taking inspiration from the ‘Bold for Nature’ design pillar of Opposites United, the Kia EV9 Concept embodies an adventurous, outgoing and recreational form with its rugged and upright stance.

From the outside, the proportions help outline a three-row SUV footprint, signifying a electric concept vehicle that is highly capable, practical and ready for action. From the side, the modernistic angular profile gives the all-electric concept car a simple but distinctive outline.
Bold for nature The exterior design harnesses the divergent values of nature and modernity. The simple clear cut lines and body exude confidence, clarity and calmness, while the side profile’s polygonal design language conveys an indisputable strong SUV identity with exceptional aerodynamic efficiency.
Sleek Interior Design The Kia EV9 interior is a design undertaking that integrates the qualities of nature, movement and stillness as part of a scenic, premium cabin.

The all-electric SUV's panoramic roof, with its sky-gazing views, further adds to the sense of lightness and being connected with your surrounding environment.
Technical Capabilities EV9’s extensive tech capabilities and all-round flexibility ensures that it feels at home when tackling traffic in densely populated urban areas. At the same time, it offers families the freedom to experience leisure activities away from the city centre.

Solar panels built into the car help you go further and see more before you need to change.
Attend the Kia EV9 Electric Experience Reserve your place to attend the Kia EV9 Electric Experience today.
Bold for nature Kia’s iconic Tiger nose facade has been reinterpreted for the BEV era and is showcased on the Kia EV9 Concept. Contrasting with its muscular on-road presence, soft and welcoming curves across the body of the EV9 Concept are offset with sharp and neatly edged elements. Solid rock geometry is expressed through sophisticated design, while the spacious cabin has been made to feel welcoming and approachable. The beautifully sleek windows create a direct connection to the outside environment, be that sunshine flooding into the cabin through the car's panoramic sunroof, the tranquil sound of rain or the calming feel of moonlight and the stars.
Technology for life The interior design realises new possibilities for mobility through innovative design that ensures not only space and comfort but also intuitive interactions between people and technology.
Bringing the future to you, today. The spacious cabin and luxurious interior, with its 27-inch, ultra-wide display, allows you to drive for miles in total comfort. Plus, nature is given a chance to shine through thanks to the panoramic sunroof and solar panel built into the bonnet, making this vehicle ultra-sustainable.