KIA service and parts offers in Cardiff, Newport, Bristol and Gloucester

At Wessex KIA, we provide a range of offers that will help you look after your automotive pride and joy. Our money-saving service and parts offers help to ensure that your car delivers many years of faithful service – and maintains its market value too.

Vehicle Health Check

With this free service, a member of our KIA-trained technical team will survey you car and provide you with an honest, jargon-free assessment of its condition. We will, of course, seek your approval to carry out any necessary work that we recommend as a result – Vehicle Health Check is an obligation-free service.

Air conditioning service

We strongly recommend that your vehicle’s air conditioning system is serviced annually. It’s the only way to ensure that refrigeration levels are maintained and air circulation is cleansed, thus ensuring optimal efficiency. Our air conditioning service starts from £72.

Battery care and replacement

While a car’s battery life is typically five to seven years, it’s still important that it is regularly checked in order to avoid unexpected vehicle breakdown. We can advise you of good driving habits that will help your battery last longer. However, if it does need replacing, fear not because we offer competitively priced replacements, starting at £37.50.

Spare bulb kits

It will happen sooner or later – at some point one or more of your car’s bulbs will fail, requiring replacement. Rather than have this happen unexpectedly, it’s advisable to carry an extra supply – it’s even a legal requirement in most European countries. By carrying one of our spare bulb kits, which work with the majority of cars and cost as little as £9.58, you will always have a supplementary reserve.

Free tyre-pressure and tyre-tread checks

Since a car’s tyres provide its point of contact with the road surface, it’s essential that they are regularly checked. Low air pressure can result in overheating tyres, causing them to wear much more rapidly. Similarly, worn tyre treads provide inadequate contact with the road, typically resulting in longer braking times and increased, uncontrollable skidding. We offer free checks to help you maintain your tyres, and any that are bought from us are fitted free of charge. Furthermore, our seven-day price promise means that we will match like-for-like tyre quotes from other dealerships.

Please view any or all of the offers below to learn more – and please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions.