The Mazda 2 Hybrid Now At Wessex Garages Introducing the Mazda 2 Hybrid, Starting From £23,730.00
YOUR COM­PAN­ION ON THE ROAD TO TO­MOR­ROW The Mazda2 Hybrid is the perfect companion for eco-conscious city dwellers who don't want to change their driving habits. The modern hybrid technology gives you the best of both petrol and electric worlds. Your road to tomorrow begins here.
Centre Line The Centre-Line boasts a comprehensive package of standard features, elevated by an added layer of refinement. In addition to keyless entry, advanced safety functionalities, and the impressive 9" centre display, you'll enjoy 15" alloy wheels and a rear spoiler that adds an extra touch of style. Enhancing your driving experience, the vehicle comes equipped with convenient rain-sensing wipers, a luxurious leather steering wheel, and power windows in both the front and rear.
Exclusive Line The Exclusive-Line introduces even more advanced features, with stylish 16" alloy wheels along with the convenience of auto-folding mirrors as well as front and rear parking sensors. Smart keyless entry and an engine start button make for effortless departures, while blind-spot monitoring enhances your safety on the road.
Homura The Homura features a sportier appearance with large 17" black alloy wheels, LED headlights with an LED daytime running light guide, LED front fog lamps and rear privacy glass. Inside, a 7" digital speedometer, dua-zone climate-controlled air-conditioning, a QI wireless phone charger and supportive sport style front seats help to elevate your driving experience.
Homura Plus The top-grade Homura Plus grade is equipped with the best in innovation, luxury and style. Its technology is sure to impress with a 12.3" digital speedometer, 10.5" centre display and windscreen-projected head-up display. Voice recognition and satellite navigation make every journey a breeze, whilst the panoramic glass roof brings the beauty of the outside world, inside.
DESIGNED TO LEAVE AN IMPRESSION The Mazda2 Hybrid's contemporary design language speaks a thousand words. It features unique Mazda design elements, giving it a confident appearance on the road. Dynamic contours lend it a fresh and modern quality that accentuate its agile spirit.
GOES THE DISTANCE MILE AFTER MILE The Mazda2 Hybrid features the latest in Hybrid Technology, combining a petrol engine and an electric motor. This technology uses kinetic energy gained during driving, deceleration and braking, to continually recharge the on-board battery. In turn, this allows the electric motor to assist the petrol engine to provide superior efficiency or will allow you to drive short distances purely on electric power alone using no fuel and emitting no CO2 .
SELF-CHARGING SYSTEM The self-charging technology in the Mazda2 Hybrid means no hassles for you. Fill the tank and drive it like a normal car, while the battery charges itself – so there's no need to change your lifestyle, schedule, or driving habits.
ELECTRIC AND PETROL With the combined performance or petrol and electric motors, the Mazda2 Hybrid will select the most energy efficient mode to suit your drive. If you want to choose for yourself, you have a choice of different driving experiences with 'POWER', 'ECO DRIVE' and 'EV MODE' available at the touch of a button.
IM­PROVE­MENTS FROM EVERY ANGLE From the refined front grille to the LED headlights – Mazda2 is a lot more than just updated aesthetics. Make driving more enjoyable, with your favourite song playing on Apple CarPlay® or Android AutoTM there’s really nothing more to wish for.
    LARGE 10.5" CENTRE DISPLAY Featured on the Homura Plus, the Mazda2 Hybrid's 10.5" infotainment display has been designed to provide simple and easy access to music, apps, calls and navigation while on the move, so you can focus on the joy of driving.
    HEAD-UP DISPLAY Ensuring distractions are at a minimum, the head-up display discreetly projects essential vehicle information directly onto your windscreen.
    EXPANSIVE PANORAMIC GLASS ROOF Homura Plus grade features a panoramic glass roof offering an expansive sky view, creating a more open feel in the cabin.
    REVERSING CAMERA FOR EASY PARKING Navigate tight spots with ease thanks to the reversing camera, which offers a clear view of the space behind you, simplifying reversing and parking.


    The Mazda2 Hybrid is the perfect companion to experience this bustling environment: In its newest iteration, it remains a sleek, swift, and agile city car.


    The standard equipment of the Mazda2 Hybrid includes a reversing camera, a Pre-Collision System, Lane Tracing Assist and Road Sign Assist to help ensure your safety in the busiest of city traffic.


    The hybrid system powering the Mazda2 Hybrid ensures a comfortable and agile ride with balanced driving dynamics. Being a compact vehicle, the Mazda2 Hybrid is the perfect companion in congested urban environments.


    The Mazda2 Hybrid combines a petrol engine and electric motor which translates into an exceptional drive, with combined fuel economy of 67.3-74.3 mpg and the ability to drive in pure electric using no fuel.


    As well as receiving the maximum 5-star Euro-NCAP rating, the Mazda2 Hybrid's safety systems have been designed to ensure safe, comfortable and joyful driving. A full range of advanced and innovative driver assist and safety technologies are onboard to give you incredible safety performance.


    Jan Bajtlik discusses his collaboration with Mazda and how he reimagines urban spaces, blending minimalistic art with the innovative Mazda2 Hybrid. Experience the city's endless possibilities through a new lens, where every journey is a masterpiece in motion.


    In its newest campaign, Mazda has invited Polish artist Jan Bajtlik to reimagine the natural habitat of the Mazda2 Hybrid: the city. In his unique visual style, inspired by Japanese art and craftsmanship, Jan draws vibrant cityscapes ready for exploration with the fuel efficient, safe, and fun-to-drive 2024 Mazda2 Hybrid.

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