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Chance for Bristol businesses to turn over a new Leaf

We are encouraging Bristol businesses to consider making the switch to using electric vehicles ahead of the city being European Green Capital next year (2015).

Our Pennywell Road dealership is offering companies the chance to trial the Leaf, Nissan’s all-electric car, during October and November so they can find out first-hand the practicalities of switching to a greener fleet.

Our Managing Director, Keith Brock, explained: “With Bristol being the first city in the UK to be European Green Capital next year the spotlight will be on the city to deliver. With this in mind we think it is important for businesses and employers in Bristol to set an example, especially when it comes to how they move around the city.

“It isn’t always practical for staff to travel by public transport, walk or cycle, but there is another option available to companies. The use of electric vehicles, such as the Nissan Leaf, has grown in popularity as more people and businesses find it to be a viable option.

“Working with Business West - Bristol Chamber of Commerce we would like to give businesses and employers in Bristol the chance to find out more about the practicalities of using a Leaf on a day to day basis and experience what using the car is like.

(From left to right) James Durie, Executive Director Bristol Chamber at Business West with Keith Brock, Managing Director of Wessex Garages, with the second generation Nissan Leaf.

“During October and November we are giving businesses the chance to trial the Leaf for a week. Any companies or employers that are interested should email our Nissan Business Specialist, Kate Hancock via sign up.”

We recently loaned a Nissan Leaf to James Durie, Executive Director Bristol Chamber at Business West to trial.

James said: “I have always been curious about the Leaf so it was great to be able to trial the vehicle before I decided to purchase one myself.

“Before using the Leaf I had concerns about the range of the car and how far it would go before running out of charge. However, I found that this wasn’t a problem as I discovered there was a point to charge the car close to where I work.

“After using the Leaf I can see how the car would be of benefit for many businesses in Bristol that use cars for shorter journeys, such as delivery companies.

“I believe that if more people and businesses in city embraced the electric cars it is something Bristol could become a lead on and it would help to solve many of the issues surrounding air pollution in the city.”

The Nissan Leaf is the world’s best-selling electric car and is built in Sunderland. The vehicle also benefits from the Government’s plug-in grant. The Government contributes 25%, up to a maximum of £5,000, towards the cost automatically bringing down the purchase price.

Keith added: “As well as being greener one of the main benefits for companies to switch to using electric vehicles is that it will save them money too. According to a report by British Gas if large companies replaced 10% of their current vehicles with electric models they could cut the running costs of their fleets by an average £350,000.

“Electricity is also cheaper to run on a per-mile basis than petrol and as all-electric vehicles have less moving parts than their petrol or diesel counterparts they will need less frequent servicing too.

“In addition to this, company car tax is lower for electric vehicles and they also have lower Vehicle Excise Duty.”

For more information, please call our dealership on Pennywell Road on 0117 244 9242.

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