Free advice on keeping insurance costs down

Free advice on keeping insurance costs down
Free advice on keeping insurance costs down

We’re offering motorists some free advice on getting the best deals on their car insurance and keeping costs down this month (October, 2015).

We have put together our top tips for getting a cheaper quote.

Mark Hayward, our General Manager at our Feeder Road dealership, explained: “Running a car is a costly business and with additional extras such as MOT, tax and insurance, your bills can really ramp up.

“When it comes to insurance there are a few handy tricks you can use for a cheaper quote:

  • “Shop around – like you would with any sort of shopping, it’s extremely important to shop around for the best car insurance deal. Use an online comparison site to do all the work for you and amend the excess and mileage you are willing to pay in order to find the best quote for you.
  • “Make sure your car is secure – fitting an alarm, immobiliser or tracking device is a great way to reduce your quote. Most new cars will come with these fitted as standard.
  • “Give your car a shelter for the night – if you’ve got a garage then clear out all the junk and park your car in it. Insurers love a car that is well protected in a safe environment overnight and will dramatically cut your premium for it.
  • “Get a black box – having a black box installed into your car’s system is a relatively new and clever way of reducing your premium. The box checks your speed, handling and whether you’re on the road at perceived dangerous times, such as the early hours of the morning, and reports back. Proving you’re a good and safe driver can lead to premiums being substantially cut. Black boxes are great for younger drivers too.
  • “Cut down on your mileage – if you’re able to, cutting down on your mileage is a great way of keeping your insurance costs down. Be sure to check your use cover too as if you don’t use your car for work or business then you may be able to get a cheaper rate. Those that do use the car for work could think about car sharing with someone nearby, potentially reducing both of your insurance rates.”

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