Q&A with Wessex Nissan


1) How do I register for special offers?

-Its simple, go to offers section and enter your email. We will send you updates and latest offers and vouchers via email.

2) Can I book a test drive through the internet?

-Yes, just complete the request form and we will confirm your request by e-mail or telephone call.

3) Is there an opportunity to take an extended test drive? e.g. 24 hours.

-Yes with prior notice an extended test drive can be organised for you.

4) How can I request a brochure?

-Yes by e-mail or telephone call to the sales department and we can organise that for you.

5) What is a hassle free transaction?

-All dealings will be non pressured with the same sales person throughout your transaction, providing you with consistent hassle free purchase experience.

6) What is meant by a no obligation valuation?

-We have a no obligation valuation service which is free of charge and will be valid for 30 days.

7) What do I need to bring with me to purchase a vehicle?

-Essentially you only need your deposit to order a vehicle but if there is a part exchange involved then V5 & MOT documents along with the service history would also be required. In the case of funding then drivers licence in current address is also needed.

8) I want to fund my car using a Finance plan – how do I apply?

-You can apply online through our website or you can by contact one of our trained business managers at the dealership who will process your application and give your impartial advise.

9) How old do you need to be to qualify for a finance plan?

-In the U.K. the legal age is 18 and is provided subject to terms and conditions and subject to status. Contact a Business Manager who can help further.

10) What warranty comes with the car?

-All new cars come with the relevant manufacturers warranty of either 3, 5 or 7 years. Our used cars come with a 24 month standard warranty when purchased with our 'Delivery Package' (Along with many other cost saving benefits). All other used cars come with a 6 month standard warranty. All warranties can be extended and /or upgraded at the time of purchase.

11) What if I don’t have all the documents?

-These can be brought in to us on a separate visit, it is very important for all the correct documentation to be brought in prior to vehicle delivery as the vehicle cannot be released without them

12) Someone has damaged my car after its been valued, what do I do?

-You can either get the vehicle revalued with your sales person or arrange to get the vehicle repaired back to its previous condition(although timescales may affect a lower value as values depreciate monthly).

13) Does my car have 2 keys?

-All brand new vehicles will have 2 keys supplied by the manufacturer. The majority of our used cars will have two keys, but where they have not been supplied to us by the previous owner then we will supply a 2nd key with a 50% contribution towards the replacement cost

14) What is the best course action if i have a query or concern?

-Call or Email the manager of the department that it relates to with the details and they will provide assistance.

15) What can I do if I have a concern where the manager isn't available?

-This is a rare occasion but if it happens please ask to speak to or email the Branch General Manager directly.

16) Want to recommend someone to us?

-As part of our customer satisfaction program we want you to definitely recommend us to your friends, families and colleagues. With that in mind we will look after any referred customer in the same way we look after you, with an added bonus for yourself!

17) What is a 30 day Exchange Plan?

-Wessex Garages are so committed to your complete satisfaction, we offer a 30 day/1000 mile exchange. This means that in the unlikely event that the vehicle develops a fault, which cannot be resolved within the mileage and timeframe, we will exchange it for another vehicle of at least equal value.

18) What is Wessex Price Challenge?

-At Wessex Garages we are committed to providing every customer with the best possible deal every single time, on ALL of the great value for money brands we represent. We are very confident we can compete and beat any quotation you have from an official franchise outlet, providing it is on a like for like basis and they hold the vehicle in stock, with it available for sale. If we cant beat it, then we will give you £250!!! How is that for confidence? T&C: If the incredible happens and we can not beat your quote, £250 will be paid directly to you. Just bring your new car, V5 document and the Dealer invoice to the relevant site (invoice and V5 to be in same name). If you have any questions and enquiries about our Wessex Price Challenge please fill in the contact form below and one of our Advisors will contact you within 1 hr.

19) Can I pay a deposit on vehicle by credit card?

-Yes you can. There is no charge for credit card use for deposits below £100.

Servicing & MOT

1) How do I register for special offers?

-Its simple, complete the 'offers' section on our website and request our offer vouchers which will be returned by email.

2) Why do I need my car serviced?

-To keep the vehicle in its best working condition. It is also a requirement of the manufacturer or dealer in order to keep the warranty valid and it will help the vehicle retain more value when you resell.

3) Am I able to pay my service bill in monthly payments?

-Yes, you can use our industry leading service plan package in order to budget on a interest free monthly payment basis from as low as £9.99 a month.

4) Can I reserve a time slot for my service?

-Yes no problem. Please contact our Service Department via email or telephone.

5) Are there courtesy cars available?

-Yes we have courtesy cars, subject to availability, normally need to be booked a week or so in advance and subject to terms and conditions.

6) Is there a choice of courtesy cars?

-Yes we have a selection of the manufacturers latest models here- it is, of course, subject to availability.

7) Do you collect outside working hours?

-Yes subject to given prior notice.

8) Is there a collection and deliver service?

-Yes we offer that service, within a reasonable radius please call or email us and we can arrange it.

9) Can you pick up from where I work and drop it back off?

-Yes not a problem, again within a reasonable radius, just let us know.

10) Can I have a copy of the vehicle health check/condition report?

-Yes, our duty of care is to provide a copy of this report to all customers. We will also provide you with a comprehensive video of your vehicle that you can access on your computer or a mobile device - this will be sent to you regardless if any work is required or not.

11) Will you check my car for any recalls?

-We will and rectify as necessary.

12) What is priority service booking?

-Please refer to our web link.

13) Will you send me a service reminder?

-Yes once the vehicle is set up on our system we will send you a reminder via email, text or letter for your service or MOT requirements.

14) Do you offer fixed price servicing?

-Yes we have price promise and fixed price servicing on all vehicles and also an industry leading Service Plans, ask for more details.

15) What if I have a query or concern?

-Please contact the relevant department manager via email or telephone who will help.

16) Will I get an email confirmation of my service being booked?

-We will confirm it back to you.

17) I have service booked online, what happens now?

-We will confirm it back to you.

18) What happens if the quote changes?

-Tell us and we will amend things.

19) Is there fuel in your loan cars?

-There should be fuel in the loan car all we ask is to put in what you use.

20) Can I pay for my service/mot by credit card?

-Yes you can, however we do encourage payment via debit card to save money. All payments done via credit card are a subject to a 2.5% fee.

21) Do you offer free WiFi?

-Yes we do offer free WiFi for all customers as well as two computers that you can use while you wait for your service to be completed. We also offer complimentary drinks!


    1) What is the Wessex Customer Service Centre?

    -Wessex Garages values every customer and when you call us we will always endeavour to answer promptly and to put you through to the person with whom you wish to speak. However it may happen that the person you wish to speak with is busy, and rather than put you through to an answering machine you will be put through to the Wessex Customer Service Centre. The Wessex Customer Service Centre is provided by the Armchair Group, an overflow call handling service. These well trained operatives will take all relevant information and ensure they are immediately sent via email to the person concerned in order that we get back to you as soon as possible. Wessex believes in 100% Customer Satisfaction, and having the Armchair Group provide the Wessex Customer Service Centre is crucial in making sure no customers is overlooked, because every customer is important to us.

    2) Can you deliver parts I have ordered to my address?

    -We do, please ring our parts department for details.

    3) Is there an exchange programme for parts?


    4) Competitive price match?

    -We aim to be a competitive as possible let us know if you can beat our prices.

    5) Email confirmation of part arrival?

    -No problem.

    6) What do I do if the part is broken or wrong?

    -Let us know and we will fix it

    7) Can I collect my part after you are closed?

    -Yes subject to prior notice.