New Car FAQ's

What new car should I buy?

Choosing the right new car comes down to a number of factors, not least your own particular requirements and the budget you have available. Take, for example, newly qualified motorists. As these are often young motorists, affordability - in terms of purchasing cost, insurance group, and running costs - is essential, so choosing a supermini or hatchback often represents the ideal option. Family motorists, meanwhile, may prefer the flexibility offered by an SUV or a people carrier.

At Wessex Garages, we represent some of the biggest names in the automotive industry meaning we can offer all manner of new cars to suit your needs. Take a look at our listings today or get in touch with our sales advisors to find out more.

When does my new car need an MOT?

Any vehicle aged three years and older is required to hold a valid MOT certificate. This is a legal requirement and confirms the roadworthiness of your vehicle. This certificate will then need to be renewed annually, with a thorough vehicle inspection to be carried out by trained experts such as those at Wessex Garages.

Where to buy new car?

Here at Wessex Garages, we’re delighted to have dealerships across the south west of England showcasing some of the very best new cars available today. Our showrooms - which are based in Bristol, Cardiff, Gloucester, and Newport - are all easily accessible by public transport and road, meaning finding you next new car is simple.

Can a new car battery improve performance?

The battery in your vehicle is essential for the running of electrical systems such as lights, wipers, etc. On average, a car battery should last approximately six years but, depending on how well you look after it that can vary. For example, should it be left to run flat and require regular charging, the performance will undoubtedly suffer. A new battery, meanwhile, will help keep all electrical systems running in peak condition. A trained technician will be able to advise on whether or not your vehicle performance will benefit from a change.

What new car has the best warranty?

All new vehicles come with a manufacturer warranty, covering you for any mechanical faults and performance issues. More often than not, a new car warranty lasts up to three years, but can be extended with such options as the Wessex Premier Warranty. In addition, at Wessex Garages, we’re proud to provide new cars from Kia - all of which are backed by the industry leading seven-year warranty.

Are new cars taxed?

Vehicle Excise Duty - or, car tax - is calculated according to the carbon dioxide emissions of a chosen vehicle during the first year. After this, you will pay a flat rate based on the fuel used within the car. Contact us today to find out more.

What are the new cars for 2019?

In representing so many brands at Wessex Garages, we’re able to look forward to a range of exciting new cars in 2019. Among those coming to our showrooms are the Mazda3, the new Nissan Juke, an updated Renault Kadjar and a refreshed Renault Clio. Speak to our teams today to learn more.

Which car brand is the best?

This question is very subjective - ask 50 different people and you’ll probably get dozens of answers. However, you can always review the industry awards that have been received by each marque to determine precisely what the experts say.

What are the best new car deals?

New car special offers change frequently, with manufacturers introducing new savings and discounts which we then make available. We also introduce many of our own specific promotions - such as our New Car Price Match Promise. Head over to our special offers page today to learn more.

What is the best time to buy a new car?

The best time to purchase a new vehicle is often just before the new plate changes come into effect in March and September. As such, looking to invest in the month prior to this often enables you to secure the best value and gives you room to negotiate on price.

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