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Nissan e-NV200

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New Nissan e-NV200

Brand new 100% electric Nissan e-NV200 - efficiency without compromise

Adapted to its environments. Adapted to your needs.

If you’re looking for a smart, eco-friendly commercial vehicle that can meet the endless demands of a fast-paced modern life, the new Nissan E-NV200 Combi won’t disappoint. A high-performing vehicle relying on 100% electric power, this model is an example of modern and forward-thinking manufacturing from the Japanese marque.


One look at the E-NV200 Combi and you’ll instantly notice its aerodynamic design, with flowing lines helping to reduce wind resistance and maximise efficiency.

Available as a five or seven-seater and with three distinct trim levels to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect variant for your everyday or commercial needs.

Compact dimensions prevent vehicle bulkiness while a one-piece, hatchback-style door makes it easy for passengers to climb in and out. Whether you’re transporting employees to a job or taking the family on an adventure, versatility is what the Combi is all about.


Get more from your investment

A Nissan e-NV200 means fuel savings and 20% less maintenance costs than a non-electric vehicle. So not only is your total cost of ownership reduced, but so is the time you waste on everyday care: less tedious journeys to get your car repaired, and obviously, no more stops by the petrol station.

Drive to the sound of silence

Who said engine power always had to come with a lot of noise? With the new Nissan e-NV200, enjoy both dynamic acceleration and complete silence. And at the end of the day, less fatigue than in a diesel van. Leave roaring sounds to motorsports and exhausting vans, and enjoy the pleasure of driving.

MPG figures are obtained from laboratory testing and intended for comparisons between vehicles and may not reflect real driving results.


When it comes to comfort, the E-NV200 Combi ticks all boxes. It can seat up to seven adults offering plenty of head and legroom for all. There’s also an abundance of room for luggage and if you choose to fold the front seat, you can create a 1,500mm wide interior which can be used as a mobile office space.

Glove box storage and the dash-top tray are also ideal for paperwork. In addition there’s a 4.2 cubic-metre cargo capacity for all on-road travel requirements, and a maximum payload of 703kg.

Technology and Safety

Technology centres around the E-NV200 Combi’s 100% electric capabilities. The battery is integrated into the floor to free up as much space as possible and can be charged in three different ways. Rapid charging reaches 80% in just 40-60 minutes, wallbox takes 7.3 hours and plugging into the mains at home takes just over 21 hours.

E-NV200 Rear View

Technology features also help to advance safety with particular highlights including a colour reversing camera and an anti-lock braking system. Protection also comes in the form of a driver airbag and belt pre-tensioners to keep you firmly in place.

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Emissions-free driving is exciting. Knowing you’re reducing your carbon footprint makes getting around so much more pleasurable. The E-NV200 is also a joy to drive, offering a capable and reliable performance time and time again, with the compact lithium ion battery boasting a range of up to 187 miles on a single charge. Maintenance costs will be reduced by up to 20% making the Nissan E-NV200 a great on-road companion for any business.

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