KONA Electric
Hyundai KONA Electric Introducing the Hyundai KONA Electric Starting From £23,160.00

Hyundai KONA Electric

Available in Cardiff & Newport

The All-new KONA Electric is 100% electric with a choice of 39kWh or 64kWh battery. The new Electric SUV by Hyundai combines generous space and stunning design with innovative Advanced Driver Assistance System, bringing together the latest in active safety technology for more peace of mind on the road. Thanks to the rapid charging feature, the new KONA Electric can be quickly charged at direct current (DC) in only 57 minutes for 39kWh battery with a mile range of up to 180 miles on the WLTP and 75 minutes for the 64kWh, with an exceptional electric driving range of up to 279 miles.

The exterior of the KONA Electric features a bold, muscular sculpted design, sleek LED lighting and unique details that highlight the strong Hyundai SUV DNA at its core. KONA Electric’s distinctive design continues throughout the interior with a spacious cabin, complemented by a choice of high quality materials and advanced technology.

This revolutionary new electric SUV is available in three different trim levels, from SE, Premium to Premium SE.

New Hyundai KONA Electric Side View Blue


Smart technology for intelligent driving. Premium and above KONA Electric's trims feature an 8” touch screen with integrated 3D navigation, media, and connectivity features. It comes with a free 7-year subscription to LIVE Services, with real-time traffic, weather, and POI information.

It also features Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ so you can connect your smartphone and have your music, phone, and app functions up on the main screen. Apple CarPlay™ is a registered trademark of Apple Inc. Android Auto™ is a registered trademark of Google Inc.

The sporty steering wheel includes ergonomically positioned controls, so you can stay connected and operate car systems while driving safely. Premium SE models also offer a heated version for even more comfort.

Virtual Engine Sound System (VESS)

Electric cars are nearly silent, which helps to reduce road noise, contributing to more pleasant, liveable cities, but it can also be a possible hazard to pedestrians, who tend to take the sound of silence as an all-clear-to-cross sign.

That’s why the KONA Electric is equipped with a melodic driving sound, announcing its presence to pedestrians, cyclists and the blind.


A 395 Nm of instant torque delivered through the all-electric powertrain, guarantees high acceleration performance allowing the Hyundai KONA Electric to go from 0 to 62 mph in only 7.6 seconds in the 64 kWh version.

New Hyundai KONA Electric Screen


Domestic charging cable

KONA Electric is equipped with an in-cable control box charging cable that you can plug right into a normal wall socket. This charging cable is intended for emergency use only. CHARGING TIME to 95%: 19h for 39kWh battery / 31h for 64kWh

Home charging station

Wall mounted charging point installed at home for faster chargin, fused independently from the household circuit £500 (including VAT) of government support. CHARGING TIME: @ 7,2kW: 6:10h for 39kWh battery / 9:35h for 64kWh)

Charging cable for AC charging stations

The charging cable connects KONA Electric to public AC charging points. This cable can also be used to connect to a home wall box. Depending upon the service provider, public AC chargers can have a range of outputs.

Rapid Charging

For the fastest possible recharging, KONA Electric can be charged at direct current (DC) rapid charger stations.
CHARGING TIME @ 50kW (80%SOC): 57min for 39kWh battery/ 75 min for 64kWh)

Kona Electric

Due to high demand, KONA Electric is going really quickly.

To reserve one of the next available cars you can add your details to our waiting list or call our Electric experts in

Newport 01633 745028 or Cardiff 029 2167 7647



Pull the left paddle shifter and hold to activate maximum strength regenerative braking. It is possible to stop the car in this way – without using the conventional brake pedal. Charging strength is the strongest in this mode.

It is also possible to actively brake the car using the paddle shifter. Simply pull the left paddle shifter and hold.
You can slow the car to a complete stop in this way without pressing the conventional brake pedal.

New Hyundai KONA Electric Rear Blue

Vehicle Details


Excellent driving performance and a practical driving range are ensured thanks to the carefully matched components of the electric powertrain. KONA Electric’s completely new platform was designed with an electric powertrain in mind, which enables the space-saving integration of the battery packs without compromising passenger or cargo room.


The KONA Electric comes with 39 kWh engine, with 100 kW (the equivalent of 136PS) with a top speed of 96 mph, and a 64 kWh engine, which offers 150 kW (204PS) with a top speed of 104 mph.


The Smart regenerative braking system utilises the on-board radar sensor to automatically control the level of regenerative braking to react to the traffic ahead. Additionally, it also detects if the KONA Electric is driving up or downhill and adjusts accordingly.​​
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