The Nissan LEAF Now At Wessex Garages Introducing the Nissan LEAF, Starting From £28,995.00
SLEEK DESIGN With sharp, aerodynamic lines, a distinctive floating roof and the signature V-Motion grille, Nissan LEAF looks as advanced as the technology behind it. Be bold. Be adventurous. Be captivated.
GO THE DISTANCE With a range up to 239 miles, charging that's faster and easier than ever, and innovative tools designed to help stretch your miles and your battery, there’s never been a better time to go electric. Plus, driving a 100% electric car means the fun starts the moment you press the accelerator, with the instant, smooth, full torque acceleration you only get with electric cars. That's the driving excitement delivered by Nissan.
E-PEDAL DRIVING Just push the single Nissan e-Pedal for an instant rush of power and ease off to slow down. You can even hold your car on a hill without touching the pedals. The brake pedal is there as usual for responsive braking and total peace of mind.
DYNAMIC HANDLING The floor-mounted battery pack creates a low centre of gravity for a great ride and smooth handling, helping the Nissan LEAF corner with minimal body roll.
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Nissan LEAF
WHY CHOOSE 100% ELECTRIC? Spend less, gain more. Protect the planet we drive on so we can share it for years to come. A more sustainable future starts here with the Nissan LEAF.
NISSANCONNECT SERVICES Nissan LEAF features NissanConnect technology to keep you informed, entertained and in control. The NissanConnect app makes it easy to check your range, find a charging station and much more, while Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ offer seamless smartphone integration to bring your favourite entertainment, navigation and messaging to the large touchscreen infotainment system.
INTERIOR The Nissan LEAF really is a rare find – whatever’s going on outside, you can expect a peaceful interior, because the battery power is virtually silent. Once you’re settled in, you can’t ignore the cabin’s futuristic look and feel. Contemporary blue lighting reflects the LEAF's high-tech focus – as does the dashboard light that tells you the car is switched on. There’s room for the whole family to ride in complete comfort, surrounded by plush materials, plus a roomy 370-litre boot with lots of room for your luggage.
SAFETY Superior safety is yet another highlight of the Nissan LEAF. Six airbags for all-round coverage come as standard, along with ISOFIX child seat anchors for quick and easy installation. Even entry-level models boast a reversing camera to enhance your visibility, so you can avoid any nasty surprises. Meanwhile, smart anti-lock braking and electronic brakeforce distribution work with traction control to keep the car steady in all conditions.
    INTELLIGENT RIDE CONTROL As soon as you hit a speed bump, Intelligent Ride Control applies the brakes and adjusts engine torque to reduce pitch and roll inside the cabin to make the road feel flatter.
    INTELLIGENT TRACE CONTROL Intelligent Trace Control reads the situation and can brake each wheel individually to keep you steering smoothly through the corners. So you stay in control as you hug the curves.
    HILL HOLD ASSIST Hill Hold Assist helps keep you from rolling backwards as you move away on a slope. It holds brake pressure, giving you enough time to switch from the brake pedal to the accelerator.
    INTELLIGENT DRIVER ALERTNESS Available Intelligent Driver Alert constantly monitors your steering patterns. If the system detects you might need a break, it alerts you with a chime and a coffee cup icon on your display. It could make all the difference.

    Nissan LEAF

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