Vehicle Paint Protection from Wessex Garages

You car is under attack 24 hours a day:

- Acid Rain

- UV Deterioration

- Oxidation

- Weathering

- Untreated Paintwork

Paint Protection - what is it and how it can benefit you

The solution is to have Permashine paint sealant applied to your vehicle, the most advanced protection system available to the automotive industry. Permashine actually penetrates the paint using modern polymer technology, which bonds through the lacquer into the paint below. Permashine then hardens to provide a long-term shield that is virtually impossible to remove, stops pollutions reaching the paint and protects against damage from ultra violet rays, acid rain and industrial fallout.

The interior will have Permashine fabric protection applied which provides an invisible shield to the interior fabric and carpets of a car and offers increased resistance to the absorption of liquid spills. With Glass Protection the rain will be beaded and aerodynamically dispersed maintaining a much clearer screen and reducing the need to constantly use the wipers, while preventing sleet, snow mud and bugs from sticking to the exterior of the glass.