The Nissan Juke Hybrid Now At Wessex Garages Introducing the Nissan Juke Hybrid, Starting From £27,525.00
Electricity can be bold. Nissan JUKE Hybrid Premiere Edition Enjoy a powerful electrified ride with the next-generation Nissan Juke Hybrid Crossover. The sleek darkened headlamps, 19" Glossy Black alloy wheels and exclusive textured stickers add to the look of this bold and electrifying ride.
Illuminated kicking plate Go from shy to bold for a grand entry everytime you open the driver door.
19'' Black Alloy Wheels Stand-out with distinctive designed Alloy Wheels.
Premium cockpit Heighten your senses with premium materials and pin-sharp displays.
Elegant stickers Simple and elegant patterned stickers add sophistication to the boldness of your JUKE.
Nissan Juke Offers
DESIGN & COMFORT Iconic, exclusive but subtle design
POWERTRAIN Move to the thrilling electrified experience. This is Nissan JUKE Hybrid Be one of the first to experience this innovative multimodal hybrid system. Your vehicle always takes off in electric mode and can reach a maximum speed of up to 34 mph in EV mode. Combined output of the Electric Motor and Petrol Engine is 143PS, providing smooth acceleration. The smart energy management system will use the high efficiency petrol engine to recharge the battery or to provide power to the wheels exclusively when it's most efficient and best suited to your driving conditions. With part of your urban journey time driving in electric mode, you get an authentic electrified and responsive driving experience.
    NISSAN JUKE 2019
    AUTOMATIC CLIMATE CONTROL Set it and forget it. The next generation Nissan Juke features automatic climate control¹. Set your desired temperature and your Juke will automatically and continuously adjust fan speed and ventilation to keep you icy cool, toasty warm or anywhere in between.
    MONOFORM SPORTY SEATS Feel every curve, every straight. The comfortable, ergonomic monoform sporty seats provide lasting support for driver & passenger alike.
    HOSPITABLE INTERIOR When the temperature drops, the new Nissan Juke features heated seats¹ to keep you comfortable. You also have heated door mirrors¹, a heated windscreen¹ and rain-sensing wipers¹ for enhanced visibility.

    Nissan Juke

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